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At Biohort we offer garden sheds made from high-quality steel plate. In general, we are convinced that metal has many advantages over wood. To make your own mind up, click here to find out the main advantages of metal. It is maintenance-free, durable and does not burn. Even after decades of use, Biohort quality products do not deform and stay in shape. The simple, modern design also withstands the test of time. Tedious painting is definitely a thing of the past!

As the European market leader, Biohort focuses on the highest quality at fair prices. Our range includes a number of different models, colours and sizes. Here you will find a short overview of the most important models and their differences: 





HighLine Neo CasaNova
H = highest point
incl. roof overhang

W: 172-316 cm
L: 84-300 cm
H: 196-209cm

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W: 180-260 cm
L: 220-380 cm
H: 217-222 cm

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W: 273 cm
L: 158-318 cm
H: 227 cm

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W: 275 cm
L: 155-315 cm
H: 222 cm

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W: 180-348 cm
L: 180-348 cm
H: 222 cm

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W: 330-430 cm
L: 230-630 cm
H: 250 cm

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Special feature  Classic,
 reasonably priced
Modern sloping roof, 
top price-performance ratio
Gable roof Modern flat roof Smooth side walls, glass panel in the door,
available in one and two colours, wooden ceiling
With insulation,
can be individually configured,
cosy atmosphere
Side canopy available  Yes  No  No  Yes  Yes  No

Light incidence
(daylight can enter interior)


Front skylight All-round skylight All-round skylight Glass panel in the door,
Accessories: Glass panels
All-round skylight,
Accessories: Window and glass element
Snow load

150 kg/m²

150 kg/m² 150 kg/m² 150 kg/m² 150 kg/m² 215 kg/m2
Quality steel plate

Galvanised with protective zinc layer of at least 150 g/m² and polyamide enamel coating (same for all garden sheds)

Door Double door Standard or double door Standard or double door Standard or double door Standard or double door Standard or double door
Door opening
(W x H)
DD: 135 x 170 cm SD: 76 x 182 cm 
DD: A1-A4: 138 x 182, A5-A8: 155 x 182 cm
SD: 76 x 182 cm
DD: 155 x 182 cm
SD: 76 x 182 cm
DD: 155 x 182 cm
SD: 83 x 200 cm
DD: 167 x 200 cm
Wind load 150 km/h | Wind force 12 (same for all garden sheds)*
* with professional assembly and anchoring

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Experience Biohort products virtually

The Biohort product configurator makes choosing your ideal product not only incomparably easy but also enjoyable. Regardless of whether you are looking for a bicycle garage, garden shed or storage solution for your barbecue or lawn mower, the Biohort product configurator visualises the product in 3D. 

  • 3D product configuration with desktop, mobile phone or tablet
  • The augmented reality function brings the configured product into the "real world".
  • Straightforward selection of accessories through 3D visualisation directly in the main item

More information about the 3D configurator

Local building regulations can differ considerably from region to region. Furthermore, they often vary depending on the planned surface area. In our experience, a simple building notification will suffice in most areas. Please check with your local council or competent authority whether a building permit is required before you purchase a garden shed.

You can download our standard submission plans on our website . For the designer CasaNova Outbuilding, we will provide a building plan with detailed dimensions and static calculations based on EN standards that apply across Europe. These static calculations are also available on our website in the Service/Downloads section.

Our Foundation Finder will definitely help you if you are unsure which foundation to use.

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Before deciding on a garden shed, you should think about the right foundation. ATTENTION: Our garden sheds can only be assembled on a level surface. Our SmartBase foundation solutions can compensate for slight irregularities.

To help you choose the right foundation, we have summarised some general tips and recommended solutions for you:

Biohort SmartBase & SmartBasePLUS
The foundation solutions specially developed by Biohort are ideal for all Biohort Garden Sheds, the Equipment Locker and the MiniGarage.


More about SmartBase foundations

Concrete foundation
Concrete foundations with or without graduation are a high-quality foundation option for our Biohort


More about the concrete foundation

Point foundation with the aluminium floor frame
A point foundation can be erected with the aluminium floor frame - even on uneven and soft ground.


More about the point foundation

Concrete slabs laid on a gravel base
Concrete slabs on a gravel base are a good, reasonably priced solution. These slabs are available in various finishes and colours from all builders' merchants.


More about the gravel base foundation

Aluminium floor frame in gravel
Assembling the garden shed on a Biohort floor frame and anchoring it into the ground with the anchors supplied is the easiest installation option.


More about installing with the aluminium floor frame

Foundation tips for the CasaNova Outbuilding
For our Biohort CasaNova® Outbuilding 
we have put together a few of our own foundation tips.


Go to the Casanova foundation tips

You can find numerous items to make your Biohort shed even more practical in the "Accessories" section of our online shop. Please note that accessories may also be required depending on the foundation you choose (in particular, floor frame with a gravel foundation). Some accessories are already supplied with the standard equipment. 

Use our Biohort 3D product configurator! Position the accessory directly in the main item of your choice and then add it to the shopping basket. 

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Biohort dealers

We have an extensive dealer network in Europe. Most of our partners have show models on display and have received specific sales training. Grasp the opportunity to get expert advice and discover our Biohort products at first hand! An on-site visit can be particularly useful when choosing colours.

Our dealer search will help you to find the relevant dealer in your area.

Biohort online shop

All Biohort products incl. accessories and assembly options can be ordered in Austria and Germany via our online shop. Benefit from free delivery directly to your home address. Our Customer Service team will be pleased to help you with any problems or questions regarding your order, before and after purchase.

You can either assemble your Biohort Garden Shed yourself or use our Biohort assembly service.


Anyone can assemble their garden shed using our smart assembly manuals with photos/3D illustrations. We always recommend working in twos or threes. Our Customer Service team (+43 7282 77 88 - 280) will be pleased to help you with any assembly problems during our business hours (workdays from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 to 16:00 and Friday from 8:00 to 12:00).

Biohort Assembly Service

You do not want to assemble your Biohort product yourself? No problem - customers in Austria and Germany can book an assembly appointment directly in the Biohort online shop. We will also be pleased to help you find one of our Assembly Partners who will professionally assemble the product for you. All Assembly Partners are specially trained and certified by Biohort. The customer is responsible for commissioning the Assembly Partner and negotiating the final price.

More about the assembly service

No painting.

The biggest advantage compared to wooden garden sheds is that metal ones never have to be painted.


Just think of cleaning our Biohort Garden Sheds like cleaning a car! You can easily clean your shed using the garden hose or pressure washer. Our CleanLine Cleaning care products (available as accessories) provide the perfect solution. Please do not use abrasive products or other chemical agents, and do not touch the shed when wearing sun screen.

It is also important to clean the roof and gutters regularly or as required. The lock and hinges should also be lubricated every year.

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