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From e-mountain bike to racing bike – the Biohort BikeLift pulls any bike vertically up the wall as if by itself. This saves space and is effortless. Hook in the bike, push, and the BikeLift will pull up any bike weighing up to 30 kg.

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Advantages of the BikeLift

Space-saving installation

Suitable for tyre widths of up to 77 mm/3 inches

Very easy to operate

High-quality finish and maintenance-free

Lift function with strong spring force

Lockable bike

Quality at its best

The Biohort BikeLift has a high-quality finish and is made of durable materials:

  • Powder-coated aluminium
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel springs
  • Rubberised hook, to protect the bike rim

Typical applications

The Biohort BikeLift can be mounted on the wall in the cellar, garage or carport in just a few easy steps. It is even easier to install in a Biohort garden shed where the BikeLift is simply hooked in as an optional accessory.

The BikeLift is available as an accessory for the Neo, HighLine, Panorama, AvantGarde and Europa garden sheds.

The innovative lift is available in two variants:


The basic version is suitable for mounting on the wall and in Biohort garden sheds.

With swivel mount

The bike can be folded sideways to the wall - ideal for small cellar compartments.


It could not be easier:

1. Hook in
Simply hook the front wheel into the BikeLift. The hook fits all tyre widths up to 77 mm.

2. Push
A short downward push on the handlebars is enough to activate the automatic lift function.

3. Lift
Thanks to its strong spring force, the BikeLift can lift a bike weighing up to 30 kg – as if by itself.

4. Save space 
Securely fixed and also lockable if desired, the bike hangs vertically on the wall to save space.

Check your bike

  1. Total height of rim + tyres: max. 77 mm (3.0")
  2. Tyre width: max. 77 mm (3.0")
  3. Front outer tyre diameter: max. 74 cm (29")
  4. Maximum bike length: 1,95 m
  5. Bike weight: max. 30 kg
  6. The end of the rear mudguard and the luggage carrier must not protrude beyond the tyre.

Dimensions in cm
Attention: The product colours shown on the website may differ from the actual product colours!
Full details about the colours can be found under Quality/Colours.

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You can purchase Biohort products from our online shop or our dealers – see dealers in your area

Goods are delivered in Switzerland exclusively via our general importer, Neogard.

You can find out the retail prices of our products from our numerous retail partners or in our Biohort online shop.

Price information is available from our specialist dealers or via our online shop.

You can order spare parts directly from our customer service department at

Please state the product type, purchase date, your address and the spare part you need. You can download the parts list for your product to view the spare parts here.

You can filter for show models near you in our dealer search.

Please note the following points for correct goods acceptance. 

  • Check against the included delivery note that you have the right number of packages and that the colour and size are correct, as well as checking each box for obvious transport damage. If you notice any irregularities, be sure to note them on the carrier's delivery receipt, or in the digital signature field ("goods damaged", "damaged", "box missing"). 

  • The driver must give you sufficient time to do this and must confirm the complaint with a signature (incl. lorry registration number). 

  • Please also accept damaged packages!  
    After examining the facts, we will replace the damaged parts free of charge and deliver them without delay. 

  • Please report any irregularities during goods acceptance within three working days, by sending us an email with photos to our customer service team at

You can agree a fixed delivery week (calendar week). Please let us know when you place your order. However, please note that there must be at least 6 weeks between placing the order and delivery.

We deliver the goods you order directly to the delivery address of your choice. The goods are delivered with parcel services or a shipping company, depending on weight or size. If the item is delivered by parcel services (LeisureTime Box 100/130, Parcel Box or small accessory), there is NO prior notification of delivery. 
If your product is being delivered by a shipping company, you will be contacted by the latter as soon as your goods arrive at the delivery warehouse. You must schedule the delivery on one of the two following working days.  

Delivery is "free kerbside", which means that the recipient is responsible for moving the goods onto their property (into the garden, for example).  The transport packaging (including any wooden crates) is retained by the recipient and will not be taken back by the shipping company, except for Euro pallets that must be returned. For delivery by a shipping company ("free kerbside"), please provide your e-mail address & telephone number we can use to contact you during the day. 
Please note that the following conditions must be met for delivery by a shipping company: 

  • Minimum road width: 3 metres 

  • Vertical clearance: 4 metres 

  • Road accessible for 38-tonne lorry

  • Turning room must be available 

Yes, however, a freight surcharge may apply for island deliveries. Please check this with

A delivery date can only be agreed for deliveries by a shipping company. If your product is being delivered by a shipping company, you will be contacted by the latter as soon as your goods arrive at the delivery warehouse. You must schedule the delivery on one of the two following working days. The product will then be delivered during the day.

Biohort products are delivered in individual parts in sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes for self-assembly. Only the LeisureTime Box 130/160 can be ordered in the Biohort online shop ready-assembled for destinations in Austria and Germany!

Please inform us of planned holidays, business trips or similar at the same time as placing your order. If you cannot accept delivery at short notice, please contact us immediately on +43 (0) 7282 77 88-0

"Delivery free of charge" comprises the single transport from our factory to the delivery address supplied (mainland only), last kerbside, provided that the road is passable for a 38-tonne lorry. You agree on a delivery week when placing your order. You will receive telephone notification from our shipping company approximately 2-3 days before the actual delivery to inform you of the exact delivery date. Please ensure that, when placing your order, you provide your e-mail address & telephone number we can use to contact you during the day. Please ensure that you leave enough room for the delivery, depending on the size of product ordered.

No specific specialist skills are required for assembly. A detailed assembly manual is supplied with our products. You can download the assembly manual in advance from our website.

Safety advice for each product can be found on the opening pages of the assembly manual.

Keep all small parts or packaging materials supplied away from small children during assembly. Some components have sharp edges or protrude. This should be borne in mind when assembling the product and during daily use. Gloves are included and can be used if necessary.  

Note that relatively high temperatures may develop in the garden shed (heat generation similar to that in a car). Find out the storage conditions for the products stored in the garden shed from the respective manufacturers.    

The aluminium rail must be examined before use to check that it is dry.  
Other people should also be prevented from standing in the danger area when you are using it. Children may only use the BikeLift under adult supervision.

The BikeLift is basically maintenance-free. But should a dirty wheel be placed in the device, stones or other dirt could detach and fall into the BikeLift's working space. This dirt must be removed at regular intervals, as it would stop the BikeLift from engaging properly. 

Biohort products need very little care due to the high-quality materials used and careful workmanship. Simply lubricate the lock and hinges every year and regularly clean the StoreMax sliding rails or treat them with silicone spray. In the event of soiling due to weather and environmental conditions, clean using just water and the Biohort CleanLine Universal Cleaner. A high-pressure cleaner can also be used (maintain a distance of at least 10 cm between the lance and the lacquer. Do not use a steam cleaner. Max. pressure approximately 80 bar). To preserve the lacquer surface, we recommend Biohort CleanLine Preservation, which provides the lacquer surface with optimum protection against weather and environmental conditions. 

The gutter should be cleaned several times a year, to ensure optimum drainage. If the gutter is blocked, it may overflow. No liability can be accepted for any resultant damage.  

IMPORTANT: Sea air/ambient air containing salt water and/or salt, aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents, road salt, fertilisers, fresh concrete, screed materials and other chemical substances (never store this type of product in the open) can attack the lacquer and zinc surface, thereby leading to corrosion. Warranty claims are no longer valid in such cases. 

Biohort uses only the best materials for all its products. Biohort products are made from high-quality, galvanised, polyamide enamel coated steel from Austria and Germany. Premium car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi have relied on the high quality of these renowned steel producers for years. This is the reason why we can offer our customers a 20-year guarantee against corrosion with a clear conscience. Individual components are made from aluminium.

The intermediate floor is included among the items supplied for DaVinci. The planter insert is available as an optional accessory.  

Yes, retrofitting is possible here. The Privacy Screen and Trellis can be ordered directly from our online shop, or from one of our retail partners.  

There is a risk of tipping over in storms and strong winds, so professional anchoring is necessary. To allow anchoring, mounting brackets are supplied with the connecting or end uprights.

No, these two items are not compatible with the DaVinci.

Yes you can. Please complete the spare part request form on our website. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible and prepare a quote, as necessary.

Biohort colours do not correspond to any RAL number but some of them share similar features to RAL numbers. We recommend that you view the original colour samples at our dealers. If you wish, you can also request a colour sample chart from Biohort.


This colour is not similar to a RAL colour


Similar to RAL 6005

Metallic quartz grey

Similar to RAL 7039

Metallic silver

Similar to RAL 9006

Metallic dark grey

Similar to RAL 7016

Grey white (interior colour)Similar to RAL 9002
Metallic bronzeThis colour is not similar to an RAL number

No support rails are required to assemble the shelves in the Neo garden shed. The shelves are attached to the side wall suspension devices. This is also possible if interior panelling and insulation are used. 

The insulation and the gap between the electric assembly panel and the side wall are both 40 mm wide. To use the electric assembly panel, there must either be no insulation here, or the cable runs must be cut out.

With the Neo garden shed, you can decide during assembly whether to attach the outlets for roof drainage on both sides at the front or back. The structure is then modified accordingly, so that there is a slope towards the outlets. The supplied rainwater downpipes are then fitted at these outlets.  

The hose connection option is not available with this garden shed. If you want to direct the water further away, you could attach a Polo-kal pipe (PVC pipe, 5 cm in diameter) to the end of the outlet elbow.  

The dimensions of the rainwater downpipe outlet elbow are 4.4 x 4.4 cm.

Please prepare the power supply when creating the foundation. Alternatively, a cable can be run through the corner joint of the floor frame and moved to the desired position between the panel and the top profile. 

The side canopy can only be attached to the side with the integrated gutter. This means that no more than one side canopy can be fitted on the left and on the right.
It is not technically possible to install a side canopy from other shed sizes, so you must always order the size of side canopy that corresponds to the garden shed.  

Since 2022, a narrow side canopy for each size of garden shed has also been available to all those who prefer a smaller version of the extension: 

S: 414 cm 
L: 548 cm 

The BikeLift can be used for various wheel types, including e-bikes. But please note the following dimensions:

Max. tyre width: 77 mm 
Max. front tyre diameter: 74 cm (29") 
Max. weight: 30 kg 

The end of the back mudguard or luggage carrier should not protrude beyond the tyre:

The BikeLift can be mounted on a covered building wall (brickwork, concrete, wood) in just a few easy steps, or installed with a suspension rail in a Biohort garden shed. Enough space must be allowed when using the swivel mount.  

Let us know which variant you require when you order!  

*Europa garden shed: 
Please make sure that you fit the BikeLift at the highest point in the Europa garden shed (centrally on the back wall). If you want to attach several BikeLifts, please note that the size and length of the bicycles must not exceed the lowest interior clearance height, less 15 cm (for safety).  

A padlock (with a combination lock) is among the items supplied. The holes for attaching it are already pre-drilled. For safety reasons, this must be attached if the BikeLift is not being used.

If there is no bicycle hooked into the BikeLift, it must be locked at the bottom with the padlock. This stops the carriage suddenly moving upwards if unintentionally activated. Attention: Risk of injury!

Basically yes, but please ensure that the rear tyre of each bicycle is always on the ground.

On all magnetic elements inside the garden shed (e.g. on the roof beams).

The LED light is attached using a magnetic strip.

During the winter, it can generally be assumed that the temperature inside the product will equate to the outside temperature as there is no insulation.

Biohort products can heat up on exposure to prolonged sunlight in the same way as cars. Regular ventilation is required in this respect in order to regulate the temperature.

Biohort products do not emit any sounds on exposure to cold and heat as the steel plate has a very low material expansion coefficient (considerably lower than aluminium, plastic or concrete, etc.).

The external, internal and foundation dimensions can be found either in the last few pages of the Biohort brochure (technical details) or online. To view this data, click on the desired product on the Biohort website and then go to technical details. You can also download the respective submission plan and foundation plan.

ATTENTION: The exterior dimensions always include the roof overhang and the height shown is the highest point of the product.

Biohort uses only the best material for all its products. Biohort products are made from high-quality, galvanised, polyamide enamel coated steel from Austria and Germany. Premium car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi have relied on the high quality of these renowned steel producers for years. This is the reason why we can offer our customers a 20-year guarantee against corrosion with a clear conscience. Individual components are made from aluminium.

Our 20-year guarantee offers protection against corrosion of metal parts and for defective or unusable parts. The following are not covered by the guarantee: transport damage (the shipping company is liable for this damage), damage due to faulty foundations and/or aggressive environmental conditions (due to chlorine, salt, acid, etc.,) and indirect or consequential damage. Only the statutory 24-month warranty period applies for wear, moving parts, colour changes, and electrical, plastic and rubber parts. Details of our guarantee conditions can be found here.

Biohort products are available in the colours specified. Special paint finishes are not available due to serial production.

Please note that independent recolouring/repainting the products will invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

Biohort products are made from high-quality steel plate and aluminium, and are therefore 99% recyclable.

You can buy accessories directly from our online shop.

Technical details - BikeLift

Wall-mounted BikeLift

W x L x H (cm)


EAN code
(metallic dark grey)


16.05 x 38.11 x 179.65


9003414 49054 3

with swivel mount  16.36 x 52.6 x 181.8 14

9003414 49055 

BikeLift as accessory

Exterior dimensions
W x L x H (cm)


EAN code
(metallic dark grey)

for garden shed, standard
(HighLine, Europa, Panorama, AvantGarde)

16.91 x 43.12 x 185.42


9003414 49050 5

for garden shed with swivel mount
(HighLine, Europa, Panorama, AvantGarde)
16.91 x 57.41 x 184.62 16 9003414 49051 2
for Neo garden shed, standard 28.15 x 41.31 x 184.69 10 9003414 49052 9
for Neo garden shed with swivel mount 28.15 x 55.6 x 182.84 16.8 9003414 49053 6

Are you interested in the BikeLift?

We would be delighted to talk to you and answer any questions. We look forward to your enquiry!

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