Shipping and delivery information

Biohort Customer Service

Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. So reads the definition of customer service according to the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. And we take this to heart. We want to be measured against the service we offer. Every day!

Delivery free of charge

We deliver all of our products directly to your home (free kerbside). In plain terms, this means that Biohort covers the shipping costs for you. We deliver to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden and Finland. There is an island surcharge for some islands. Please enquire as to the precise amount. We do not deliver to Switzerland for legal reasons (products are delivered to Swiss customers via our partner Standard products that are in stock will be delivered as quickly as possible within three weeks of confirmation of your order. Visit our Biohort online shop to obtain the current delivery times for our individual products.

Depending on the weight or size of the goods, delivery will be made by parcel service or freight forwarder. In the case of delivery by parcel service, delivery will take place WITHOUT prior notification.
If the goods are delivered by a forwarding agent, you will be contacted by the forwarding agent as soon as the goods have arrived at the delivery depot. You must schedule the delivery for one of the following two working days. 

The Biohort 3D product configurator – with a preview in your own garden

With just a few clicks, the Biohort 3D product configurator allows you to find the perfect product including accessories to suit your requirements - regardless of whether you are looking for a bike shed, a metal garden shed or storage space for your barbecue or lawn mower.
From the configurator, you can add your Biohort product directly to the basket and order it in the Biohort shop.

Thanks to the augmented reality function, you can also view your configured Biohort product in your own home - all easily controlled on your tablet or smartphone.

3D product configurator

3D Conf Alt