Assembly terms and conditions

Assembly by the manufacturer

You do not want to assemble your Biohort product yourself?

No problem - in Austria and Germany, we can immediately offer you an assembly service through our professional Assembly Partners as an additional purchase option in our online shop. Please note that the assembly service offered here is available only when you purchase a main product in our online shop.

How our assembly service works:

  • You also order the assembly flat rate fee under Accessories when you order the relevant product in our online shop.
  • The Assembly Partner responsible for your region will contact you within 3 working days of your order being confirmed to inform you when your product will be assembled (which week). If an appointment cannot be arranged in the week in question, please contact the assembly team immediately.
  • Biohort will deliver the goods to you, kerbside, approximately one week before the scheduled assembly date.
  • Our Assembly Partner will carry out the assembly on the agreed date at the location of your choice.
  • Final acceptance from you is the last step in this process.

What are the advantages of choosing our assembly service?

  • Our experienced Assembly Partners have been specially certified by Biohort and will therefore assemble your product in accordance with the highest quality criteria and to your total satisfaction.
  • The all-in-one solution! Biohort is your contact partner for the products AND the assembly. This allows you to enjoy maximum dependability and a professional service.
  • The assembly service is available at a set flat rate and also includes all of the accessories purchased (excluding SmartBase or SmartbasePLUS and side canopies)!

Our assembly service includes the following:

  • Arrival and departure of the assembly team.
  • Transport of the packaged shed to the assembly site (maximum 20 metres).
  • Assembly of the Biohort product incl. accessories (excluding SmartBase or SmartbasePLUS and side canopies) such as floor frame, floor panel from the upper edge of a finished, level foundation.
  • The construction site must be freely accessible, with a clearance of at least 70 cm around the foundation. The foundation must be installed according to the instructions given at A concrete foundation must have completely hardened by the time of the installation. Please also ensure that there is a power connection on site and sufficient space for the product to be assembled.
  • Storm-proof anchoring depending on the product and surface.

What services NOT included in the assembly flat rate fee?

  • Sealing the garden shed to the foundation. With SmartBasePLUS or a concrete foundation with stepped base, penetration of water under the floor profile and into the garden shed interior is already prevented in the design.
  • When the aluminium floor panel is being used, the underlay must be provided by the customer. Biohort recommends using XPS hard foam panels, 2-3 cm thick - see the illustration below.
  • Our Assembly Partners are entitled to charge for additional work such as planning the foundation, major levelling work and additional transportation, etc., after assessing requirements and consulting with the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for disposing of the packaging.

Legal information relating to the assembly service

  • The designated location for the assembly of the Biohort products must have an appropriate load-bearing capacity and, with particular reference to the assembly of floor frames involving a (ground screw) foundation, must be free of pipework or any other contaminants/obstacles. The customer has a disclosure obligation in this respect. The Assembly Partner will then assume that the site is suitable, and is not liable for any damage of any kind to pipework.
  • The customer must ensure that all of the necessary public and legal permits (as well as notifications) are available at the start of the assembly process (disclosure obligation). If no further information is provided, the Assembly Partner will then assume that all of the necessary documents are available.

Assembly of the CasaNova® Outbuilding

If you wish to arrange the assembly of the CasaNova® Outbuilding, we will be pleased to give you a separate quote!

Additional instructions when erecting a SmartBase foundation

  • Use with a solid surface (concrete or paved areas)
  • Can compensate for a slight incline up to approx. 4 cm using the adjustable feet

Additional instructions when erecting a SmartBasePLUS foundation

  • Check the condition of the surface in advance (depth 50 cm).
  • The soil must be well compacted (extensive roots, large rocks or pieces of concrete in the earth can prevent installation). If in doubt, please check in several places whether a concrete bar can be hammered into the ground up to a depth of approx. 50 cm.
  • The lawn area must be dug to a depth of approx. 10 cm by the customer. The area can only be filled with gravel or chippings after installation.
  • The excavated area can have a max. incline of 15 cm.
  • The customer must dispose of the excavated material.
  • The optional placing of gravel or chippings around the edge of the foundation must be carried out by the customer after installation.