Aluminium floor frame on gravel

The easiest type of foundation

With the aluminium floor frame, which is available as an accessory, the garden shed can be assembled on gravel without too much time and effort, and the anchors supplied can be firmly secured to the ground. To do this, approximately 10 cm of turf is removed and the area covered with a water-permeable construction fleece. The excavated area is then filled with gravel (2–4 mm grain size) and the layer of gravel is levelled.

Please take local conditions into account when anchoring the floor frame using the anchors. Additional fixing points may be necessary due to soft ground conditions.

A functional floor can be created with the aluminium floor panel which is available as an accessory. In this case, it is strongly recommended
to place XPS hard foam boards with a thickness of approximately 2–3 cm under the entire aluminium floor panel.

Work steps

  1. Remove grass turf
  2. Fill with gravel
  3. Level gravel

Note: These foundation tips are non-binding suggestions. The customer is personally responsible for choosing an appropriate foundation design. Biohort cannot accept any liability for damage caused by insufficiently secured products.