Foundation tips

For the Biohort Casanova® Outbuilding

Are you looking for the right foundation for your Biohort CasaNova® Garden Shed?
Here are a few practical foundation tips we have put together for you.

Concrete foundation
A concrete slab at least 10 cm thick is an ideal foundation. With this type of foundation, you must also make sure that no water can penetrate the outbuilding at ground level.


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Point or strip foundation
A good option for the storm-proof erection of the outbuilding on very uneven and soft ground is a point or strip foundation in combination with a Biohort floor frame.


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Concrete foundation

A reinforced concrete slab at least 15 cm thick is a tried and tested foundation solution. This type of foundation provides an even, dry surface on which to secure our CasaNova Outbuilding against stormy weather. Screws and plastic dowels are supplied as standard equipment. 

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The most important work steps 

  • The soil is dug out to a depth of approx. 60 – 80 cm (frost-proof).
  • The subsurface comprises a compacted gravel bed of approx. 60–80 cm (grain size up to 35 mm)
  • Lay levelling fill of approx. 3–5 cm (grain size up to 6 mm)
  • Lay a plastic membrane (no bigger than the concrete foundation, at least 150 µm thick)
  • Install concrete foundation (reinforced with 1– 2 layers of structural steel grid, 10–15 cm thick)
  • Seal the floor profile from below (in the outer area of the floor profile between the foundation and the floor profile) with a metal-compatible construction sealant (we recommend a permanently elastic butyl sealant - prevents water penetration). 
  • If the floor is to be insulated, it is advisable to use the floor frame. With additional XPS hard foam boards (approx. 2-3 cm thick), you can create a floor structure with integrated insulation of 4 cm.

Concrete foundation
Attention: The Biohort aluminium floor frame is required for this foundation solution. Ideal for a CasaNova Sauna with tiled floor, for instance.

Step foundation
A Biohort aluminium floor frame is not required for the
concrete foundation with step.

Point or strip foundation

The strip or point foundation is another good foundation option for the Biohort CasaNova® Outbuilding.

Prerequisites: Dense, established soil or load-bearing soil. Minimum depth 80 cm and minimum width 30 cm.

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Strip foundation
These footings, which follow the course of the side walls, allow the CasaNova® to be secured against stormy weather with the aluminium floor frame.

Point foundation
The construction of a point foundation is rather more complex than the strip foundation. The fastening is the same as for the strip foundation.

Note: These foundation tips are non-binding suggestions. The customer is personally responsible for choosing an appropriate foundation design. Biohort cannot accept any liability for damage caused by insufficiently secured products.