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For more than 40 years, Biohort produces and designs high-end metal garden and equipment sheds. Meanwhile, our product range extends from simple garden sheds to desing-oriented, insulated houses that are individually desinged according to your wishes. Every model is available in different sizes and colours and will be deliverd free of charge to you.

  • Redskabsrum AvantGarde
    Moderne design kombineret med højeste kvalitet og 20 års garanti 
    in 8 sizes
  • Redskabsrum Europa
    Bringer orden i Deres have - i bedste Biohort kvalitet 
    in 9 sizes
  • Redskabsrum HighLine
    Det ultimative redskabsrum som opfylder alle krav 
    in 6 sizes
  • Redskabsrum Panorama
    Skønheden ved naturligt lys 
    in 5 sizes
  • Anneks CasaNova
    Den første isolerede design tilbygning 
    in 9 sizes
  • Redskabsrum
    Det velkendte redskabsrum – pladsbesparende, universelt og let anvendeligt 
    in 3 sizes

Why should I buy garden sheds from Biohort?

Above all, Biohort puts the customer - YOU - in the center of attention. Therefore, it is very important to us to develop products that meet the highest quality standards. We process only the best materials and manufacture 100% in our two plants in Austria.
Our main advantages at a glance:

  • 20 years guarantee
  • double sheet thickness compared to low-price suppliers
  • srews and hinges made from stainless steel
  • life-long maintenance free products
  • rainwater proof
  • withstands a snow load of 150kg/m²
  • withstands a storn force of 150 km/h, wind force 12
  • locking via cylinder lock

Metal sheds vs. Wooden sheds

Did you know that metal sheds have many advantages over wooden houses?



  • No more stress – relax and use your valuable spare time for the essential things in life.
  • Thanks to our hot-dipped galvanized and polyamide coated finishes, the metal remains durable for generations. This is the reason we can offer a 20 year warranty on our products!
  • The high quality steel used by Biohort remains stable and unaffected by sun and rain for years.
  • The colour of polyamid coated steel plate remains attractive for years and can be easily cleaned (even with a high pressure cleaner).
  • The hot-dip galvanized, polyamide enamel coated steel plate used by Biohort is fireproof in acc. with EN 13501-1 (Class "A1").
  • Time-consuming painting in your spare time costs money and nerves.
  • In moist areas, affected wood can begin to rot after a few years.
  • Wood expands and contracts. The results are jammed doors and cracks and splits in the wood.
  • Painted or varnished wood surfaces must be treated repeatedly. Untreated wood will quickly become unsightly.
  • Wood burns easily. For this reason, the use of wooden sheds on camp sites is forbidden.


Complete solution from Biohort: delivery, foundation and assembly from a single source

Biohort not only delivers your garden shed to your home free of charge (free curb side). On request, you can also order the foundation and assembly in our online shop. Our assembly partners are specially trained and certified by Biohort. Details about our assembly service can be found here.

Foundation tips

Before deciding on a garden shed, please also consider the foundation options. Biohort offers valuable tips & tricks as well as own foundation solutions, which you can order directly in our online shop.

As a complete solution, we offer our patented Biohort ground screw foundation that fits perfectly with every Biohort garden shed* and equipment locker:

  • modern foundation without concrete   
  • for uneven surfaces up to 10% slope
  • no concreting, no dirt, no waiting
  • Optimal leveling, ideal storm safety

You will find all information on choosing the right foundation in our foundation tips.

*not available for annex CasaNova

Easy assembly / assembly service

With the help of our intuitive assembly instructions with photos / 3D images anyone can assemble his own shed independently. We always recommend working in pairs or threes. If you have any problems during assembly, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service during our business hours.

If you do not want to assemble your garden shed yourself, you can also book the installation directly in the online shop. Details about our Biohort assembly service can be found here.

Service in best form

In addition to flawless products, we also put a lot on emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, our customer service takes care of your request on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, from 8.00 to 16.00 and on Fridays from 8.00 to 12.00.

  • tips for choosing the right garden shed
  • tips and tricks about your foundation
  • handing of claims and delivery issues
  • after sales service

Customer reviews

Are you still unsure? On the evaluation platform eKomi you will find independent reviews of our equipment sheds and about our company.