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Ground screw foundation

THE ADVANTAGE - Complete all-in-one foundation

Modern foundation solution without concrete

For many customers, preparing a suitable foundation is a big problem; the desired location for installation is often on uneven and untreated ground. In addition, the cost of a concrete foundation is usually more expensive than the shed itself and the whole operation creates a lot of mess in the garden.

We are therefore proud to present our ingenious solution, the Biohort Ground Screw Foundation (pat. pending.):

  • ideally suited for uneven surfaces and slopes of up to 10%
  • suitable for installation on all load bearing soil types
  • little excavation required, no gravel frost buffer, no concreting, no mess
  • allows optimal alignment and security against the strongest storms (150 km/h, Wind force 12)
  • easy to remove should the need arise
  • perfect fit for all Biohort Garden Sheds and Equipment Locker

The Ground screw foundation can be installed on the spot and the assembly of your garden shed can immediately follow. The innovative base consists of high-grade plywood (Multiplex) panels fitted in a robust frame mounted onto stable ground screws. Additional adapters allow compensation for uneven ground and slope angles. An integrated water barrier solves drainage problems perfectly and ensures no water enters the tool shed. The interaction between our products, from the Ground screw foundation to the Biohort shed situated upon it, combine to create a perfect uniform package.

A) High grade (multiplex) plywood panels top quality and weatherproof
B) Special designed foundation frame constructed from aluminium
C) Ground screws ensure stability and storm protection

The Ground Screw Foundation includes an integrated water barrier which solves drainage problems perfectly.

Additional adapters for the Ground Screws can compensation for slope angles of up to 10% without any undue effort.

Check list for Ground Screw Foundation site:

  • Composition of ground and subsoil (depth: 50 cm).
    The ground on-site should have a firm, compressed nature (compact roots, large rocks and stones or buried building material e.g.: concrete will prevent assembly). To check the suitability of ground beyond all doubt, try to drive a 50 cm long steel bar into the ground in several places!
  • Allow an additional 50 cm space around the foundation itself for the erection work.

THE ASSEMBLY - Quick, straightforward and uncomplcated

The additional tools required for assembly can be purchased from any good DIY shop; the drill bit can also be bought directly from Biohort. If you do not wish to erect the Ground Screw Foundation yourself, our installation partners will be more than happy to provide their services.

Recommended prices for assembling the Ground Screw Foundation can be found here: Montage-Richtpreise.pdf

1. Prepare assembly site

Remove earth with a spade to a depth of approx. 10 cm and mark the position of the ground screw holes.

2. Insert ground screws

Pre-drill holes with a hammer drill and screw the ground screws manually into the ground with the special tool supplied.

3. Position mounting plates

Connect the mounting plates onto ground screws and align with the aid of a spirit level.

4. Assemble and secure frame

Position frame and cross members and fasten securely with parts provided.

5. Secure plywood panels

Insert and secure water-resistant plywood panels. (Insert the moisture barrier supplied at this point, if required).

6. Assemble Garden Shed

The foundation is now complete. You can immediately begin with the erection of your garden shed!

General information

  • Installation time of 2-4 hours (depending on handicraft skills and size of shed)
  • plan for at least 2 people to be involved in erection
  • Delivery time: within 3 weeks of completing order
  • included in scope of delivery: Ground Screws, plywood (multiplex) panels, frame, cross members, complete fastening material and special tool required for manually inserting the foundation screws in the ground.
  • additional tools required: hammer drill, drill bit ∅40 x 600mm, spirit level, cordless screwdriver, socket spanners sizes: SW13 & SW24, shovel
  • Biohort floor frames and panels are not required for garden sheds
  • suitable for installation on all load bearing soil types