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concrete paving slabs

Concrete paving slabs laid in a gravel bed

An effective and economical solution can be achieved by laying paving slabs in a fine gravel-bed. Paving slabs are commonly available in a variety of colours and finishes from almost every Home worker- and DIY market. Even when due care is taken to ensure that the paving slabs are firmly and evenly placed in the gravel, we would still recommend the use of a Biohort Floor Frame

Attention: to protect against rising damp ensure that a moisture barrier, plastic sheeting (at least 150μm thick) is placed in the fine gravel bed. Please make sure that the plastic sheet is laid out under the area occupied by the base of the shed and does not project beyond the edges of the floor frame. To prevent water seeping in, we recommend that you apply a metal compatible sealant to the underside of the Floor Frame before mounting it onto the slabs.
Alternatively, you might also like to make use of our Biohort Assembly Service.

Preparation work

1) Earth is removed from the erection site (lawn or soil) to a depth of roughly 10 cm. (Allow for size of Floor Frame plus all round clearance). By erection on uneven or sloping ground, sufficient compensation must be made to ensure the foundation is level.

2) Fill pit with ca. 5cm fine gravel, then lay plastic sheet down and fill foundation hole to within ca. 3 cm of the ground level with fine gravel - (depth of paving slabs ca. 5 cm). Make sure that the plastic sheet does not protrude beyond the edges of the floor frame

3) The gravel should be evenly distributed throughout the pit. The concrete slabs may now be laid in the gravel and levelled with the aid of a spirit level and a rubber mallet.

IMPORTANT: ensure the Garden Shed is securely anchored against storm winds (appropriate mounting materials are included in scope of supply). Biohort cannot be held liable for damage caused by inadequately fastened products.