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Floor Frame Proposal 1

Assembly with Biohort floor frame

The simplest solution is to assemble your garden shed on a Biohort floor frame (available as an accessory - tube cross section 40 x 40 mm) and secure this on the ground with the anchors provided. This will ensure a simple, storm-proof erection on uneven ground and guarantees a stable location for the Biohort garden shed.

Please take the local surroundings into account when anchoring the floor frame using ground anchors. Additional fixing points may be required when positioning on soft ground. To prevent the door from "grinding" or "pinching" later, please align the floor frame horizontally (place shims or other material under low lying points of frame). To prevent rising damp from the ground, plastic seeting (at least 150μm thick) should be laid inside the house.

IMPORTANT: Biohort cannot be held liable for damage caused by inadequately fastened Biohort products.

An elegant, functional floor can be created with the aluminium floor panels which are available as accessories. We recommend placing a levelling layer of bulk material or rigid XPS foam panels of about 2-3 cm under the floor panels (to balance out uneven floor and to hide the ground anchors required for securing the garden shed).
The floor frame can alternatively be filled with a floor surface to suit (e.g. commercial concrete slabs, wooden panels, PVC floor, etc.).

Shed sizeLength in cmWidth in cm
H1 / P1252132
H2 / P2252172
H3 / P3252212

H4 / P4



H5 / P5252292



Shed sizeLength in cmWidth in cm




Shed size Length in cm Width in cm
1 150 78
2 150 150
2A 222 78
3 222 150
4 222 222
4A 294 150
5 294 222
6 222 294
7 294 294