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Foundation tips

Foundation tips for garden sheds

To make it easier for you to decide on the best way to erect your Biohort Garden Shed, we have prepared some proposals for you regarding foundation design.

WORLD PREMIER - Biohort Ground Screw Foundation

Ground screw foundation

Modern foundation solution withoout concrete.

  • Ideal for uneven ground with slopes of up to 10%
  • No concreting, no mess, no additional delays
  • Optimal alignment, secure against storms

>>more info

Four additional proposals for secure installation

(non-binding recommendations for all Garden Sheds and Equipment Locker)

Proposal 1: Installation with Biohort Floor Frame

The simplest solution is to install your Garden Shed directly on to a Biohort Floor Frame (without any extra foundations) and secure this with the ground anchors provided. The Floor Frame can then be filled out with paving slabs or wooden beams. >>more

Proposal 2: Concrete paving slabs in a gravel-bed

An effective and economical solution can be achieved by laying paving slabs in a gravel-bed. Paving slabs are commonly available in a variety of colours and finishes from almost every Home worker and DIY market. Even when due care is taken to ensure that the paving slabs are firmly and evenly placed in the gravel, we would still recommend the use of a Biohort Floor Frame to ensure stability. >>more

Proposal 3: Reinforced concrete foundation

A reinforced concrete foundation in a gravel bed is without doubt the optimal but also the most expensive solution. Even with this type of foundation you must take measures to ensure that no water can enter the garden shed from ground level. A shouldered foundation with a step of 2 cm x 7 cm running around the circumference is the ideal solution. >>more

Proposal 4: Point Foundation

Another useful alternative to ensure secure, storm-proof erection of the Garden Shed on soft and uneven ground is to combine the Biohort Floor Frame with a point foundation. The foundation points should be positioned at each of the four corners of the shed and have a minimum size of 30 x 30 cm. The excavation should be of an adequate depth to ensure protection against frost. >>more