About Biohort Your strong partner in storage space solutions.

It is our philosophy here at Biohort to ensure that our products offer you the best in quality, functionality and safety.
Our customers especially appreciate the maintenance-free longevity of our storage solutions.

Your lasting satisfaction is our greatest priority here at Biohort.

Biohort garden sheds have proven their value in over 40 years of service. We use only high-quality materials purchased from west-European suppliers in our manufacturing process. This is why we can confidently offer you a 20 year guarantee against corrosion on all our products.

The Biohort service package offers you many advantages, competent direct consultation with our service team from planning through to completion as well as extensive information on our homepage: www.biohort.com.

Sophisticated design combined with our high Austrian standards of quality which are applied during production create products which we are sure will provide you with decades of satisfaction.

I am prepared to personally vouch for this myself.

Dr. Josef Priglinger
Managing director

The name Biohort stands for:

"Life in the garden"

(and is derived from:
bios = Greek: Life, hortus = Latin: The garden)

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