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Ofte stillede spørgsmål FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find frequently asked questions in this section where you most probably get all the information you would like to know. Otherwise, we will be happy to help you personally. We are looking forward to your question



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Prices/source of supply

By clicking on our dealer search you can filter by your preferred Biohort product at a dealer near you.

You can purchase Biohort products in our online shop or via our dealers - see dealer in your surrounding.

Deliveries to Switzerland occur only through our general importer Neogard.

Generally not! We deliver free curbside to the following countries: Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slowenia). Prerequisite for this is, that the delivery address is on the mainland and the street is accessible for a 38t lorry (vertical clearance 4m). The products are either delivered to the customer's home address or the store. If you require delivery to an island, please ask for a quotation of the delivery surcharge via!

The sales price of our products can be found with our numerous dealers or in our online shop.

Price information can be obtained from dealers or via our online shop.

Spare parts can be obtained directly from our customer service via Please let us have the product type, date of purchase, your address and the required spare part. Here you can download the parts list for your product, in order to be able to see the individual parts.

Assembly service

You can also contact the Biohort assembly partner responsible for your area directly and order the installation. The billing of the assembly service is done directly between you and the assembly partner.

Within 3 working days of placing the order, the responsible assembly team will contact you and arrange an assembly date. We ensure an assembly date within 4 weeks from order clarity. The carrier we employ will deliver the goods approx. one week in advance of the assembly date, free kerb side to your home address.

Further information and terms can be found here.

For Austria and Germany, the assembly service can also be ordered via the online shop. The assembly fee is listed as an accessory for the respective product. Select the desired product size and place the assembly fee in the shopping cart. Further information and conditions can be found here.

  • arrival and departure of the assembly team
  • transport of the packaged product to the assembly site (max. 20 meters)
  • Installation of the Biohort product incl. accessories (except ground screw foundation and side roofs) from the upper edge of a finished, horizontal foundation.
  • Storm-proof anchoring depending on product and underground.

Further information and conditions can be found here.

Biohort has certified assembly partners who are self-employed. Here you will find the installation partner responsible for your area. You can contact them directly or order (for Germany and Austria) the assembly in our online shop. The installation conditions for assemblies booked in our online shop can be found here.

You can find the recommended prices for the installation service here. You can find the assembly fee for each product size at the accessory section of the respective product in our webshop. You can select the desired product size and add it to your shopping cart. The installation conditions for assemblies booked in our online shop can be found here. Please arrange any additional services (such as disposal of the packaging, foundation sealing) directly with the installer.


Standard products will be delivered within 3 weeks from order clarity. Shed extension for the shed Europa will be delivered within approx. 4 - 6 weeks.

You can arrange a fixed delivery week (calendar week), please announce this when placing the order.

Please note, however, that there have to be at least 4 weeks between placing the order and delivery week.

We deliver directly to the desired delivery address. Depending on the weight resp. the size of the goods, the delivery will be done by parcel service or carrier. With delivery by the parcel service (LeisureTime box 100/130, Parcel box or smaller accessories) the delivery takes place WITHOUT previous advice. Upon delivery by the carrier, you will be contacted by them, as soon as the goods arrived in the final delivery depot. You have to arrange for delivery within one of the two following business days. The transport packaging (including any wooden crates) will remain with the consignee and will not be returned by the carrier - with the exception of exchangeable Euro pallets. For delivery by carrier ("free kerb side") please be sure to specify your telephone number, you can be reached during the day. Please note that the following conditions must be met for delivery by carrier:

  • Minimum width of the road 3 meters
  • overhead clearance 4 meters
  • Road must be accessible for a 38t truck
  • Turning possibility must be given

Yes, for island deliveries, however, a freight surcharge may apply. Please contact us at

If delivery with a 38t truck is impossible, please let us know when placing the order!

In principle, a delivery date can only be agreed upon in the case of delivery by carrier. Upon delivery by the carrier you will be contacted by them as soon as the goods arrived in the final delivery depot. You have to arrange for delivery within one of the two following business days. Delivery will be done in the course of the day!

Please let us know about planned vacations, business trips etc. when placing the order. If goods receipt is not possible at short notice, please contac us immediatle via +43 (0) 7282 77 88-0.

Generally, all Biohort products are delivered in disassembled condition for self-assembly in stable corrugated cardboard boxes. The LeisureTime box 130/160 can be delivered via the Biohort-Onlineshop to Austria and Germany!

For a correct receipt of goods, please note: Check the number o parcels and if the colour and size is correct as well as all parcels for obvious transport damages. Should you note irregularities, please note them on the carrier's receipt or in the digital signature field ("goods damaged", "damaeged", "parcel missing"). The driver is obliged to give you enough time and has to confirm your note with his signature (incl. truck lisence plate number). Please also accept damaged parcels! we will send you spare parts immediately free of charge after checking the facts. We ask you to notify us about any irregularities during goods receipt within three business days via e-mail to , please attache photos.

Due to their size and weight, we recommend that the packages are transported by at least two people. Please notice that the forwarding agent is only responsible for kerb-side delivery and is not obliged to carry the packages into your house or garden.


Our products are made for self-assembly and are delivered in single parts, flat packed. Depending on the product, these parts are packed in one or several stable cartons which are clearly marked. Orders with over 9 cartons will be, partially, delivered in an additional packaging made of wooden crates and the disposal of the packaging material remains with the customer.

Depending on the carton size, they are equipped with grip tabs resp. recessed grips. Due to the size and weight, we recommend, to carry the parcels with at least 2 people.

Depending on the product, one package can weigh up to 73 kg.

If you do not unpack your Biohort products right away, please make sure they are stored in a dry place.


With the ground screw foundation a height difference of up to 16 cm can be compensated. For larger differences in height extensions are possible on request - please contact us in writing:

The ground screw foundation is a complete solution consisting of earth screws, a special frame and aluminum panels. The optional aluminum floor frame is no longer needed here and could not be mounted in addition. Also the optional aluminum floor panels are already replaced by the aluminum planks.

The ground screw foundation requires no additional vapor barrier. The aluminum planks used in the ground screw foundation are connected with a plug-in system (tongue and groove).

For the ground screw foundation, a natural ground is necessary. It is also important that the soil is free of large stones, pipes and rough root system. It is advisable to carry out test drilling beforehand (for example with an iron bar of at least 60 cm length).

The aluminium floor boards of the ground screw foundation can be loaded with up to 200 kg/m².

Laying a vapor barrier (= a waterproof plastic foil with a min. thickness of 150µ) is highly recommended since this protects from rising soil moisture. It is curtial tha tht efoil is not larger than the floor space of your garden shed. Further information about the foundation options can be found in our foundation tips.

If you have not yet considered the vapor barrier in the foundation, you can use the aluminum floor frame to retrofit it inside the shed: Spread out the vapor barrier and pull it slightly up the sides of the aluminum floor frame. Then lay, on the entire surface, the XPS rigid foam panels and finally the aluminum floor panels (or any other floor). Finally, cut the overhanging foil flush with the top edge of the aluminum floor frame.

To assemble the ground screw foundation, a driller (diemnsion 40x600 mm) as well as a percussion drill are required. The driller can be ordered as an accessory directly with Biohort.

The recommended foundation dimensions can be found in the technical data for the respective product. If you are rebuilding a concrete or ground foundation, please refer to our concrete foundation plans and point foundation plans.

For the fixation of the side roof supports only a concrete or point foundation or a ground screw is recommended. The additionally required earth screws (depending on model and house size 2 or 3 pieces) can be ordered as accessories.

No the WoodStock does not require a floor frame. The WoodStock consruction does already include a forming tube framework.

A foundation has to be established for the sheds, the Equipment Locker and for the MiniGarage. Please note our foundation tips.

The WoodStock, StoreMax, HighBoard and Cornerboard require a horizontal and firm surface. These products have to be attached to this surface using the screws and dowels supplied.

The storage boxes (FreizeitBox and LoungeBox) also have to be placed on a horizontal and solid surface. An attachment to the ground is not provided.

The Raised Vegetable Bed, Belvedere and the MonAmi composter can be placed on all horizontal surfaces.

1. The easiest assembly option is, to assemble the shed resp. the equipment locker with the aluminium floor frame (without special foundation) and to fix them to the ground with the ground anchors that are included in the delivery. The aluminium floor frame can be combined with the optionally available aluminium floor plates (please put a 2-3 cm thick XPS hard foam plate between the chippings and floor plate) or with concrete plates inside the shed.

2. A proper and cost efficient solution are paving slabs (min. 50x50x5 cm) which are laid in a bed of chippings. You can find such paving slabs with different surfaces and colours in any DIY store. Even if you lay the paving slabs even and if you densify the chippings bed, we recommend using the aluminium floor frame.

3. Another option, to install a shed in a storm-proof way on a very bumpy and soft ground is a point foundation together with the aluminium floor frame. The foundation points shall be established at at least 4 corners with a side length of min. 30x30 cm. The excavated soil for the point foundation has to be adequately deep (frost-proof). The shed is fixed 2 times each with the aluminium floor frame and the accompanying fixation material to the foundation points.

4. A reinforced concrete foundation is a qualitative high-value foundation. Please make sure that no water can get into the shed from beneath the floor profiles. The offset foundation plate with the circumferential step of 2x7 cm is the ideal solution.

5. The gound screw founcation is a high-quality and precisely fitting foundation solution which is also suitable for slight slopes. This foundation option can be installed relatively easily and the foundation frame is fixed to the gruond via ground screws. An aluminium frame as well as aluminium floor plates are comprised in the deivery scope.

Please also note our foundation tips.

The surface for Biohort products has to be absolutely even, there must not be any slope. There are several options to establish a proper foundation. Our advice for chosing the right foundation can be found here. The fastening material (screws and plugs resp. ground anchors for the aluminium floor frame) is included in the scope of delivery. Please note, that we cannot be held liable for damages due to insufficiently fixed Biohort products.

Depending on the foundation option that has been chosen, the aluminium floor frame can be recommended or required. Exceptions are the ground screw foundation and the concrete foundation with the step - here you do not need the aluminium floor frame. Further information about this topic can be found in our foundation tips.

These products are supplied with a hot-dipped galavaised and enamell coated metal floor and a level, horizontal and solid foundation is required for installation. Asphalt driveways, paving slabs laid in a chip bed, but also a frost-proof concrete foundation are suitable. The boxes have to be doweled securely to the foundation using the supplied fastening material (screws and dowels). The set-up area must be at least according to the specified measurements.


No special technical knowledge is required for the installation. The delivery of our products includes a detailed assembly manual. You can download the assembly manual on our homepage in advance.

Specific sockets and wrenches are included. The following additional tools and aids are required or may be helpful:

  • Sharp knife to open the box
  • Slotted and Phillips screwdrivers
  • fork / ring spanner jaw 13 mm
  • Percussion drill with stone drill Ø 10 mm (for dowel fixing)
  • Roll measuring tape
  • Stepladder
  • Spirit level
  • Cordless screwdriver (helpful)
  • Folding trestle legs, 2 pieces (useful)
  • Socket set (useful)

This depends on a few factors:

  • Dexterity and number of "fitters"
  • weather conditions (never build up if it is windy!)
  • space (at least 1 m space around)

From many years of experience, however, we can provide the following timeframes:


Garden Shed Europa:

3 to 6 hours (depending on size)

Garden Shed HighLine / Panorama / AvantGarde

4 to 6 hours (depending on size)
Equipment Locker:2 to 3 hours
MiniGarage:2 to 3 hours
HighBoard:1 to 2 hours
LoungeBox:1 to 2 hours
LeisureTime Box / PAKET-BOX:0,5 to 2 hours


0,5 to 1,5 hours
WoodStock:1,5 hours
Raised vegetable bed / Planting bed Belvedere10 minutes
Composter MonAmi30 minutes
Ground screw foudnation:2-5 hourse (depeding on size)

At least 2 people are required for assembly of Biohort products.

The detailed assembly manual of our products is included in the delivery scope. On our homepage you will also find these for download.

Please check the delivered goods for completeness (size, color, number) and any damage.

Make sure that there is enough space (at least 1 m all around) and helpers for the assembly. It is advisable to read through the assembly manual beforehand.

Biohort has certified assembly partners who are self-employed. Here you will find the installation partner responsible for your area. You can contact him directly or order (for Germany and Austria) the assembly in our online shop. The installation conditions for assemblies booked in our online shop can be found here.

A basic requirement for a successful installation is a level, horizontal surface.When assembling, you need at least one meter space around.Please open the boxes according to the sign.To avoid scratches, please use suitable padding for the individual parts. Wear gloves during assembly - parts may be sharp-edged!

Sealing compounds are available from various manufacturers, but it is important that they are suitable for outdoor use and that they do not tarnish the metal parts (free of acid).

Depending on the surface, the sealant can be used for foundation sealing. Please pay attention to our foundation tips.

The sealant serves to seal the bearing surface of the floor profile(or floor frame) and foundation, so that no rainwater can penetrate into the shed.You can find further information in our foundation tips.

The prerequisite for a successful assembly of our products is an absolutely horizontal foundation. With the Biohort ground screw foundation, a slope of up to 10% can be compensated. Further information can be found in our foundation tip.


Biohort products are Faraday cages and therefore no lightning protection is necessary. The Faraday cage (also known as Faraday cage) is an all-round enclosure made of an electrical conductor (eg. wire mesh or sheet metal) that acts as an electrical shield. In external static or quasistatic electric fields, the inner region remains field-free due to the induction.

The roof of the sheds is designed for a max. snow load of 150 kg/m² (CasaNova 215 kg/m²). However, roof avalanches can lead to damage to the roof.

The tool sheds must be securely anchored with the supplied fastening material (dowel or ground anchor) against storm damage! No liability can be accepted for damages caused by insufficiently attached Biohort products.

The Biohort storage space solutions are all lockable and thus insurance-technically a "lockable container". Security against burglary is highest at the Panorma, HighLine, AvantGarde and the CasaNova outbuildings.

What is a burglary?
A burglary is called when a theft is accompanied by a burglary. That is, if the offender gains access to an insured space by insisting on the use of force, with tools, with illegally-made keys, or with keys that he has previously obtained from another insured room by burglary or robbery to steal. A burglary is also present when the offender gets into an insured space by overcoming aggravating obstacles or through non-entry openings or creeps in. And finally, the intrusion and stealing of objects into locked containers is considered burglary.


Biohort products require little care due to the high quality material and the careful processing. It is sufficient if the lock and the hinges are oiled annually and the sliding guides of the StoreMax are regularly cleaned or treated with silicone spray. In case of contamination due to weather and environmental influences, you only need water for cleaning and the Biohort CleanLine universal cleaner.

You can even use a high-pressure cleaner for cleaning (distance between the lance and the paint min. 10 cm, do not use a steam cleaner, maximum pressure approx. 80 bar). For the preservation of the paint surface we recommend the Biohort CleanLine preservation, which protects the paint surface best from weather and environmental influences.

Important: Salt water and / or sand containing ambient air, aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents, road salt, fertilizers and other chemical substances (never store products openly) can attack the paint and zinc surface and lead to rust damage. Warranty claims can no longer be asserted in such cases.


No, the side canopy always has to be attached to a shed. It is not possible to use it free-standing.

The side canopy can only be attached to the side with the integrated gutter. So it can be installed either left or right and one can install max. 1 canopy per side.

The assembly of a smaller/larger side canopy is technically not feasible. One has to order the side canopy size which corresponds to the shed size.

The Raised Vegetable Bed is available in 6 sizes. Depending on the size, the snail-proof, cold frame extension as well as an intermediate floor are available as accessories. The Planting Bed Belvedere is available in 2 sizes only. The intermediate floor is included in the standard delivery scope.

Yes the bicycle storage rails of the MiniGarage are suitable for both, normal bicycles and e-bikes.

For the shed extionsions of the Europa range, no ground screw foundation is offered.

Basically, in the winter months, it can be assumed that the internal temperature of the product will match that of the outside temperature, as there is no insulation.

In case of prolonged sunshine Biohort products can heat up, this is similar to cars. To regulate the temperature, regular airing is recommended.

In the case of cold and heat, no noise develops in Biohort products, since the steel sheet has a very low coefficient of material expansion (much less than with aluminum, plastic, concrete, ...).

Only products with a door handle set (HighLine / AvantGarde / Panorama) can be connected to a house locking system or replaced with a new cylinder. The cylinder for the mortise lock has a length of 54 mm and a central pitch (27 mm each).

The rodent protection is a fine-meshed fiberglass mesh mat. It is used to keep away rodents such as mice and rats. Of course you can additionally use a fine-meshed stainless steel mesh.

The storage boxes are not supplied with rolls by the manufacturer. However, if you want to equip the boxes with rolls, it is possible to attach furniture rolls to a base plate and place the box on top of them. Please note that most of our products require fixing to the ground. No liability can be assumed for any damage due to insufficient fastening.

The support rail pair of the FloraBoards can withstand up to 100 kg, therefore max. 4 full flower boxes (including soil / plants) per support rail pair.

You can install an insect screen on your own. It should be noted that any adhesive that may be used shouc be removeable without residue and the material shall not be attacked.

The tool holders bear a load capacity of max. 10 kg.

The shelves can bear a load of max. 15 kg and the shelf support rails of 100 kg stood.

Yes, the ParcelBox kit can be assembled on all sizes of the LeisureTime box.

All accessories, which are assembled in the insdie of the shed or box can be easily assembled in retrospect.

Biohort products are subject to the standard DIN 4102 and are classified in the building material class A1 as products without combustible components.

The roof panels of the HighLine garden shed and the HighLine side canopy are only supplied in the color quartz gray metallic with a doubled zinc layer.

Yes, the snail-proof and the cold frame can also be assembled together.

The cold frame can remain assembled during the winter. Please note the maximum weight load of 25 kg per attachment panel.

Biohort products can be evenly loaded with up to max. 150 kg/m² . Please do not make any punctual loads.

Exception: The Raised Vegetable Bed cold frame can withstand up to 25 kg per extension panel.

roof overhang (mm)
model / sizeaheadbehindrightleft
HighLine H1100

HighLine H2
HighLine H3
HighLine H4
HighLine H5
Panorama P116080100
Panorama P2
Panorama P3
Panorama P4
Panorama P5
AvantGarde M4007030
AvantGarde L
AvantGarde XL
AvantGarde XXL
Europa 120100
Europa 2
Europa 2A
Europa 3
Europa 4
Europa 4A
Europa 5
Europa 6
Europa 7
Geräteschrank 90 15
Geräteschrank 150
Geräteschrank 230
WoodStock 150220220
WoodStock 230
CasaNova 3x2140
CasaNova 3x3
CasaNova 3x4
CasaNova 3x5
CasaNova 3x6
CasaNova 4x2
CasaNova 4x4
CasaNova 4x5
CasaNova 4x6

The exterior, interior and foundation dimensions can be retrieved from the Biohort brochure ( on the last pages (technical details) or online. Click on the desired product on the Biohort website and then go to the technical details. You can also download the respective submission plan and foundation plan here.

ATTENTION: The external dimensions are always including roof overhang and the stated height is the highest point of the product.

The assembly of the side canopy is freely selectable (either left or right side of the shed. Also two side canopies are possible - left and right.

No rainwater downpipe is not destined for resp. necessary for the EquipmentLocker/MiniGarage. The interior roof racks contain an upwardly curved styrofoam insert, so that the roof is slightly arched. Thus, the water runs off evenly on all sides.

The intermediate floor has to be permeable to water to prevent waterlogging. The intermediate floor serves to reduce the required filling material.

1603 x 120 l dustbins

3 x 120 l dustbins or
3 x 240 l dustbins or
2 adult bicycles

The bicycle rack bikeHolder can be used for all sheds, the EquipmentLocker 230, possibly the EquipmentLocker150 (depending on the bike length - max 140 cm), the StoreMax 190 and the HighBoard 200.

The BikeHoler is a horizontal base plate with a bicycle clamp. Bikes can be inserted in this clamp. The base plate is hung in the shelf support rails for the sheds / EquipmentLocker (2 pieces included as standard equipment, additional shelf uprights optional).

At the StoreMax 190, two shelf posts are packed with the BikeHolder. For the HighBoard 200 no shelf support rails are used for the BikeHolder - the base plate is attached to the side wall.

Garden shed / sizeside wallrear wall
amountbicycles amountbicycles
Highline H111-2--
Highline H224-6--
Highline H324-6--
Highline H436-836-8
Highline H536-836-8
Panorama P111-2--
Panorama P2 24-6--
Panorama P3 24-6--
Panorama P4 36-836-8
Panorama P5 36-836-8
AvantGarde M----
AvantGarde L24-6--
AvantGarde XL36-836-8
AvantGarde XXL48-1246-8
Europa 1----
Europa 2----
Europa 2A----
Europa 324-6--
Europa 436-836-8
Europa 4A36-836-8
Europa 536-838-12
Europa 648-1236-8
Europa 748-1248-12

Garden shed series Europa


Garden sheds AvantGarde M and L

Garden sheds AvantGarde XL and XXL

Garden shed HighLine

Annexe CasaNova

Biohort uses only the best material for all its products. Biohort products are made of high-quality, hot-dip galvanized and polyamide enamelled steel from Austria and Germany. Premium car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have been relying for years on the high quality of these well-known steel producers. In good conscience, we therefore grant a 20-year warranty against corrosion. Individual components are made of aluminum.

All Biohort-products are water-proof. All our products are intended to be ventilated passively.

During assembly, please make sure that a vapor barrier is installed against rising soil moisture (see foundation design). In case of high humidity and large temperature fluctuations, condensation on the inside of the roof may occur during the night. This is of physical nature, but can be minimised or prevented by attaching Styrodur boards / XPS rigid foam boards (thickness: 2 cm for Europa and AvantGarde, 3 cm for HighLine and Panorama). These panels are available in all DIY markets. The sheds of the AvantGarde, Panorama and HighLine range are prepared accordingly for insulation on the inside of the roof. For the Europa range, we are happy to offer mounting material. Please contact us in writing to

To minimise noise, you can insulate our sheds on the inside of the roof. The sheds of the AvantGarde, Panorama and HighLine range are prepared accordingly. For the Europa range, we are happy to offer mounting material. Please contact us in writing to

LeisureTime Box/parcel box/LoungeBox: Depending on the size of your box, there will be 4-6 plastic feet. These are not height-adjustable.

HighBoard/CornerBoard: Both front feet (left and right) are height-adjustable up to 2 cm. These are only adjustable in order to achieve exact alignment of the box as the floor panels have to touch the floor evenly.

StoreMax: There are no feet available. In case of the StoreMax, the floor panels have to ly directly and fully on the ground, therefore a completely level floor area is necessary.

Please keep in mind that our boxes (LeasureTimeBox, parcel-box, CornerBoard, HighBoard, LoungeBox) are rainwater-proof. They all have ventilation slits in order for air to circulate. Seat covers/cushions/blankets do draw in humidity and should therefore not be kept in these boxes during winter - mould stains could develop!

Biohort products are not suited for sitting! They are constructed as storage units for garden and leisure time items.

LeisureTime Box/parcel box/LoungeBox: The floor of these boxes can bear a load up of to 20 kg. In order to store heavier objects, we recommend you support the box with 2 cm thick XPS-rigid-foam panels (within the feet).

CornerBoard/HighBoard/StoreMax: The floor plates of these boxes have support already included. Therefore they can stand a load of up to 200 kg/m2.

Biohort products are rainwater proof and therefore ideal for storing your garden and leisure time items.

As long as you are in compliance with all your local building regulations, there is no problem in using a Biohort product on your roof terrace.

IMPORTANT: please make sure you fixate our product on your terrace in a storm proof way (fixing material is included in scope of delivery). No responsibility will be accepted for any damages resulting from insufficiently fixated Biohort products.

Our sheds and eqipment lockers are intended for free placement (fixed to the ground). We can, however, offer you fixing parts for our equipment locker and equipment shed Europa to attach them to a house (these parts are included in the scope of delivery for Europa size 2A and 4A). Even in case of attachment to a house wall we still recommend fixating the house/locker to the ground.

Please keep in mind that no responsibility will be accepted for any damages resulting from insufficiently fixated Biohort products.

In order to use the StoreMax/HighBoard as a pump enclosure you need a corresponding cable feed-through (electronics, water). These are NOT included. Please keep in mind that the pump circuit has to be closed. In case any chlorine-water or salt-water gets into the Storemax/HighBoard, there is a risk of corrosion. In this case, no responsibility will be accepted for any damages.

The shutters of the dustbin/bicycle box StoreMax are made in two parts. The blades can be exchanged either individually or only completely (cover and / or front wall) - this depends on the year of manufacture of the StoreMax. A corresponding offer can be obtained from

The WoodStock firewood storage features a self-supporting aluminum tube construction. Fixation material for a solid foundation included, and it allows a free-standing installation of the WoodStock. IMPORTANT: ensure a storm-proof anchorage. No liability can be accepted for damages caused by insufficiently attached Biohort products.

The optionally available accessories back wall resp. double door can also be retrofitted. The corresponding assembly instructions are included in the delivery.

The WoodStock is designed as a firewood storage and accessories such as shelves, tool holders, downpipes, etc. are not offered. The reason is that the WoodStock consists of a 4x4 cm frame tube frame and not the top and bottom profiles required for mounting the accessories.

No rainwater downpipe set is available for the WoodStock or is compatible. However, a standard 1-inch hose for water drainage can be connected.

Biohort-products are not designed for keeping animals.

Biohort products are conceived as storage solutions, and insulating panels can be installed on the inside of the roof of the sheds as standard. The AvantGarde, Panorama and HighLine range are already prepared for roof insulation!

For sheds of the Europa range, roof insulation can be offered. Please contact us in written form via

The height of the threshold is usually about 30 mm. When using an optional aluminum floor frame (cross section: 40 x 40 mm), the height of the threshold is approx. 70 mm.

Shed Europa: up to 180 ° (depending on door position and optional downpipe)
Sheds AvantGarde, HighLine, Panorama: 90 ° or 115 °

Due to the design, the roof overhang in the sheds can not be changed.

To be able to adjust the doors correctly, a 100% horizontal foundation is a central requirement. Furthermore, the shed must be aligned at right angles and the side walls horizontally (diagonals measured in the house!).

Raise / lower door: The hinges on the door frame are bolted to holes with little clearance. This makes it possible to move the hinges either up / down and adjust. For this purpose, the retaining screws of the hinges must be loosened again and the hinge parts are moved accordingly. This allows the door leaf to be adjusted.

Move door left / right: To do this, loosen the screw connections on the front (floor and head profile), adjust the doors correctly (to the left or right) and tighten the screw connections again. The door gap should be about 4-6 mm wide.

The optional aluminum floor frame can also be retrofitted with a little extra work.

An optional additional door can be retrofitted. Please note, however, the resulting overhead. Therefore, plan in advance the number of house entrances or the desired door installation situations.

For the Europa shed, the EquipmentLocker and WoodStock (twist grip cylinder lock), the stop can be freely selected during assembly. For the AvantGarde, Panorama and HighLine (stainless steel door handle) sheds, a left-hand stop on the standard door is available on request and at an additional cost.

The Biohort colors do not correspond to any RAL number, but some are similar to RAL numbers: we recommend that you look at the original color samples at our dealers. On request, you can also request color samples from Biohort.


This colour is not similar to any RAL colour.


similar to RAL 6005

Metallic quartz grey

similar to RAL 7039

Metallic silver

similar to RAL 9006

Metallic dark grey

This colour is not similar to any RAL colour.

Grey-white (interior colour)similar to RAL 9002
Metallic bronzeThis colour is not similar to any RAL colour.

We recommend to look at our dealers the original color samples.

Basically all Biohort products are delivered with different locks. Depending on the product group, the locks can be subsequently ordered in a single lock, provided that the lock design of the respective products are identical. Please contact our customer service (

The following specifications for the garden shed Europa are applicable for medium-sized bicycles with a rim diameter of max. 26" and a maximum length of 175 cm.
At the gable ends of garden sheds Europa size 3 onwards, it is maybe possible to position bigger bicycles.

Equipment Locker 150:1 bicycle for children up to 24
Equipment Locker 230:2 bicycles for children up to 24
Europa size 1:1 bicycle
Europa size 2:2 bicycles
Europa size 2A:2 bicycles
Europa size 3:up to 4 bicycles
Europa size 4:up to 6 bicycles
Europa size 4A:4 bicycles
Europa size 5:6 bicycles
Europa size 6:up tp 8 bicycles
Europa size 7:8 bicycles
The following specifications for the garden shed AvantGarde are applicable for medium-sized bicycles with a rim diameter of max. 29" and a maximum length of 185 cm.
If you want to store your bicycles on the back wall, we recommend you the floor frame.
Size M:2-3 bicycles
Size L:4-5 bicycles
Size XL:6-7 bicycles
Size XXL:8-9 bicycles
The following specifications for the garden shed HighLine are applicable for medium-sized bicycles with a rim diameter of max. 29":
Size H1:3-4 bicycles
Size H2:4-5 bicycles
Size H3:5-6 bicycles
Size H4:6-7 bicycles
Size H5:7-8 bicycles

Using the optional bikeMax bike holder, one or two bicycles with a rim diameter of 24 "or a maximum length of 175 cm can be stored in the EquipmentLocker. One bikeMax can be mounted on the side wall (for sizes 150 and 230). Only one bikeMax can be used in the EquipmentLocker 90 (however, the remaining usable space for storage of other items is rather small).

The bikeHolder is not recommended for the EquipmentLocker, as it is only usable for size 230 and possibly (depending on the bike length - max 140 cm) for size 150. However, in this case hardly any remaining storage space would remain in both EquipmentLockers.

The bicycle holder bikeMax can be installed in the Biohort sheds / EquipmentLockers (plug-in system). Thanks to the V-shaped groove in the mounting profile, bicycles with narrow tires as well as mountain bikes can be safely stored. The bike is hung on the front rim. The center of gravity is so far away from the suspension point that the bike centers on its own and does not tilt to the side. The lateral distance of the bicycle holder to the wall should be between 30 and 40 cm (depends on the width of the bicycle handlebar). If several bicycle holders are mounted side by side, a distance of about 55 to 60 cm is appropriate. Of course, another distance can be chosen. If you hang the bikes differently, the distance between the bike holders can be reduced to 30 to 40 cm, thus saving space. To do this, mount the hanger alternately on the upper and lower group of holes of the guide rail.

The specified mounting dimensions are standard values. The local conditions and the bicycle sizes are to be considered during assembly. If the distance between the bike holders is chosen too small, the hanging up or down is not as comfortable as with a larger selected distance.

Please note that if the optional threshold access ramp is retrofitted, the door sill already installed must be removed again. The installation of a threshold access ramp is only possible with double doors and when using the aluminum floor frame. Load capacity max. 200 kg; Length 135 cm. The installation instructions for the threshold access ramp can be found here.

The optional aluminum floor frame (= 40 x 40 mm aluminum forming tube) is an ideal accessory regardless of the chosen foundation variant. For a gravel bed, for paving slabs for point or strip foundations, the floor frame is required. For a smooth, even concrete foundation (without gradation), the floor frame isnot required but recommended, as this facilitates the sealing or the application of the sealing joint.

EXCEPTIONS: In conjunction with the ground screw foundation and the concrete foundation with lateral gradation (stepped border or water barrier), the aluminum floor frame can not be used! Further information can be found under the foundation tips.

The optional aluminum floor plate (= 2 mm checker plate) can only be used in conjunction with the optional aluminum floor frame. Please note that the aluminum floor plate must be fully lined with a 2-3 cm thick XPS rigid foam board. The foam board is not included in the delivery, but available in any well assorted DIY store.

Rainwater down pipes are offered according to the selected product. For the AvantGarde and HighLine shed, max. 1 downpipe set (= 2 individual downpipes) are attached. At the Europa and Panorama shed the water drainage could be made on all four corners (in this case 2 rainfall pipe sets would be possible for the Europa and Panorama shed).
For the side canopies (available for Europa and HighLine), a separate downpipe (= a single downpipe) is included in delivery scope of the side canopy - this results in a total of 3 downpipes for the house, including the side roof.

Optional rainwater downpipes are made of galvanized sheet steel in the appropriate house color. The diameter of the individual downpipes is 40 mm in cross section. The pipes are designed to fit into a 50 mm drain pipe (polo pipe or PVC pipe).

Product240 l 
120 l DustbinsBicycles
StoreMax 1202 Bins-
StoreMax 1602 Bins (placed sideways)3 Bins2 Children's bicycles wheelrim up to 22"
StoreMax 1903 Bins  3 Bins2 Bicycles 
wheelrim up to 29"

Legal considerations

20 year warranty against rusting of sheet metal parts and for defective or unusable parts. Excluded from the warranty are, for example, transport damages (the freight forwarder is liable for this), damage due to foundation errors and / or aggressive environmental substances, and indirect or consequential damage. For wear, moving parts, color changes, plastic and rubber parts, the statutory warranty period applies. Here you will find our detailed warranty conditions.

Please contact your competent authority regarding permits. You will find an approval plan in the assembly instructions for your garden shed. Of course you can also download our standard approval plan from our homepage.

Special requirements or options

In principle, an additional standard door can be installed in sheds HighLine, AvantGarde and Panorama. Placement of the door, however, depends on the size of the shed.

An extra-wide door can only be ordered for equipment shed Europa (except sizes 1 and 2). The extra-wide double door (171x171 cm) can be ordered in addition to or instead of our standard double door (135x171 cm). This extra-wide door can only be installed off-centre.

In principle, an additional double door can be installed in all our sheds: AvantGarde (starting from size L), HighLine (starting from size H1), Panorama (starting from size P1) and Europa (starting from size 3). Placement of the door, however, depends on the size of the shed. In this case, optional additional packages have to be ordered.

The various installing options for doors are dependent on shed model, shed size and which kind of door you order (standard/double/extra-wide door). Please do contact us at for all related questions.

Custom-made products in terms of width, depth and height of the sheds as well as any other products are not possible due to serial production.

Sheds of the Europa range with widths of 244 cm resp. 316 cm can be joined in a row to form a large shed using a connection module (always only sheds of the same widths). The gables of the two houses are supported and connected at the junction with profiles, the passage height is then 170 cm (like door height). A shed extension has a double-wing door as standard, but you can also extend it with an additional double door or an extra-wide door.

If you want a shed extension, please be sure to mention this when placing the order!

A window unit can be installed into an Europa shed after it has been assembled. This window unit corresponds to the size of a side wall. Please keep in mind the additional assembly time needed.

A side roof can be added to garden shed HighLine (starting from size H2) as well as Europa (except sizes 1 and 2A). It can also be added after the house has already been assembled.

The side roof can only be added on the walls carrying the downpipes. Side roofs can be installed on either side or both sides. A downpipe for the side roof is included.

Electrical devices (lights, power lines) can generally be installed in all garden sheds. Please keep in mind that these systems must only be installed by an authorised professional. We recommend you already plan for a power line when constructing the foundation for your shed or locker. If you did not plan for a power line when building the foundation, you can also add it afterwards. In this case the cable can be layed through the front corner coating into the garden shed (Panorama, AvantGarde, HighLine).

In order to make installation of switches, power outlets etc. easier, we offer an electrical mounting panel as an optional accessory for our garden sheds and equipment locker.

Due to the maximum permissible roof load and the necessary roof drainage, which is not guaranteed in case of green roofs, Biohort recommends no green roofs. The outbuilding CasaNova is an exception - a green roof is possible. Further information can be found here.

Biohort products can't be ordered with optional rollers.

The equipment locker (starting from size 150) as well as garden shed Europa are available solely with double doors.

No, as floor plates are vital for stability reasons.

Biohort products are available in these colours. We do not offer special colours because of our series production.

We do not offer custom made sizes because of series production.

Yes, floor panels can be installed after your Biohort-product has been assembled. In this case, adding the aluminium floor frame is absolutely necessary! We recommend supporting the floor panels with 2-3 cm thick XPS-rigid-foam panels.

Other downloads

Biohort products are constructed from high quality steel plate and aluminium and are therefore 99% recyclable.

You can order replacement keys for our stainless steel handle with cylinder lock (equipment shed Panorama, HighLine, AvantGarde from model 2016) from a locksmith. In order to get a replacement key you have to bring an original key with you - please keep one of the three keys which come with your equipment shed in a safe place!

In case there is no original key available, the cylinder has to be drilled open. In case of the twist grip cylinder lock and twist knob cylinder lock (equipment shed Europa, Equipment Locker, MiniGarage, WoodStock, StoreMax, HighBoard, CornerBoard, LoungeBox, LeisureTime Box,) replacement keys can be ordered from Carney in Germany. They need to know your lock number (engraved on the lock).

Contact details for firm Carney:
Westerwaldstr. 96
57299 Burbach
+49 2736 3562

Replacements can be purchased directly form our customer service at

FAQ's concerning annexe CasaNova

We will try to ensure that CasaNova is delivered within 4 weeks from receipt of order. 
However, due to seasonal shortages, the delivery time may increase. Nonetheless, throughout the year we can guarantee a delivery time of within 6 weeks. 
For direct delivery ("free kerbside") it is essential that you provide us with your telephone number where you are can be reached during the day. The shipping company will contact you to agree upon the time of delivery.

To protect the outbuilding CasaNova from transport damages, it is packed in very stable crates. Every delivery consists of one standing crate (for doors and panels) and 2 lying crates (blank and coated profiles). Additionally, the wooden plates for the roof are delivered on a disposable pallet. If you optionally order a sectional overhead garage door, this will be also delivered on an additional pallet. Any accessories (e.g. floor frame, floor panel, window, BikeMax etc.) do not increase the number of pallets. They are included in the other crates and only increase the weight of the respective transport unit.

Additionally, one can choose a side for the door stop (right or left) as well as the position of the doors in the CasaNova. A door always replaces a full side wall panel of the outbuilding, both the standard door as well as the additional door can be fitted on any of the four sides of the CasaNova. Further, also a double door can be fitted on any of the four sides (except for sizes 3x2 and 4x2). Please note here, that due to static reasons, special parts are required for assembly of the 4, 5 and 6m side and thus a small surcharge applies. Our configurator offers an easy way to test the realisable positions of the doors.

Yes! In Austria, Germany and Luxembourg, we deliver to the dealer or directly to the customer's address. 
In France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain we deliver to dealers store. The dealer then assumes responsibility fo the transport to the customer's address. 
Prerequisite is that the delivery address is located on the mainland and the road is accessible for a 38t truck.

"Delivery Free of Charge" is the initial transport from our factory to the delivery address specified (mainland only), curbside, under the condition that the road is passable for a 38t truck.
When ordering from a market arrange a delivery week. Approx. 2-3 days before the actual delivery, the shipping company will contact you and the exact delivery date will be announced.
Make sure when ordering that you specify a phone number where you can be reached during the day. 
Depending on the size of the goods ordered, please keep sufficient space free for the delivery.

Varies depending on shed size:

  • 3x2, 4x2: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 76 mm
  • 3x3: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 68 mm
  • 3x4, 4x4: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 60 mm
  • 3x5, 4x5: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 52 mm
  • 3x6, 4x6: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 44 mm

Fine gravel should be laid out around the green area anyway. This will allow you to raise the landscape towards the center of the roof.

This all depends upon the following factors:

A)     Skills of the 'assemblers'

B)     Weather conditions (do not attempt assembly in strong winds!)

C)     Space available for assembly

D)     The accessories which were ordered

E)      Chosen foundation option

Thanks to information provided by customers, it is possible for us to offer these guidelines
(without accessories):




8 hr.


9 hrs.


10 hrs.


11 hrs.


12 hrs.

4x29 hrs.
4x411 hrs.
4x512 hrs.
4x613 hrs.


At least 2 people are required to assemble the CasaNova!

Electrical installations (such as lighting, power supply, etc.) are generally permitted. Please note that any such electrical installation should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Please ensure you make the necessary planning arrangements for an appropriate power-supply during the creation of the foundations.

The local building regulations vary considerably from region to region. Often these may vary according to the planned building area. Please inform yourself by contacting the local authorities, and ask if a building permit is required before buying the Annexe.

building plan with detailed dimensions and static calculations based on EU valid EN-norms of the CasaNova is available from us. You can also download the static calculations directly from our homepage. 
A plan of the standard building (with door) can be found in the assembly instructions. If necessary, a detailed plan can be requested directly from us. This will be custom-made for you (depending on the size, arrangement of doors / windows, etc.).

The CasaNova roof is prepared to bear a max. snow load of 215 kg/m². This correspons to approx. 1,5m of fresh, wet snow. Please also take in consideration the weight of any green roof or additional roof loading.

The all-round acrylic glass fanlight has sliding elements on the sidewalls of the shed and these can be opened for ventilation. 
PLEASE NOTE: if the double glazing option is fitted the sliding function of the side windows is no longer available.

The folding table is hung into 2 support rails, which in turn are attahed to the laterally extending roof stayers. The distance between 2 roof stayers is 100 cm. The distance from one corner stayer to a roof stayer is however only 93cm. Since in size 3x2/ 4x2 only 2 corner stayers and one roof stayer are fixed per side, one can unfortunately not install the folding table. Please note that also for all other sizes, the installation of the folding talbe in a corner is not possible!

Due to the length of the rails required by the electric drive assembly, it is only possible to fit it from size 3x4 onwards.

The BikeMax is mounted on the top and bottom profiles (between horizontal braces).


4 pcs.


6 pcs.


8 pcs.


10 pcs.


12 pcs.

4x2:4 pcs.
4x4:8 pcs.
4x5:10 pcs.
4x6:12 pcs.

By the numbers indicated above, a space of 1 m between each bike is available. Theoretically, more than 1 BikeMax can be mountedbetween 2 uprights since the BikeMax is height adjustable by up to 11-positions.

The door opening angle of the double doors is 120° as standard. Due to the three-hole-position of the gas assisted spring damper, the angle is adjustable up to max. 135°.