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Reinforced concrete foundation Proposal 3

Reinforced concrete foundation

A reinforced concrete foundation in a gravel bed is the ideal solution for securing your garden shed.  

Preparation work:
Remove earth from building Plot approx. 60-80 cm deep (frost-proof depth!)
Fill pit with foundation of compacted gravel bed of 60-80 cm (grain size up to 35 mm).
Fill with leveling layer of 3-5 cm of fine gravel (grain size up to 6 mm).
Lay out plastic sheet (not larger than the concrete foundation, thickness: at least 150μm).
Cover with concrete (reinforced with 1-2 layers of steel mesh, thickness 10-15 cm).
Preventative measures must be taken even with this form of foundation to ensure that water cannot seep into the shed. A shouldered foundation with a step of 2 cm x 7 cm running around the circumference is the most ideal solution (see sketch).
If you would like to build the foundation without a step, we recommend that you apply a metal compatible sealant to the underside of the Floor Frame (to prevent water seeping between foundation and frame).

IMPORTANT: ensure the garden shed is securely anchored against storm winds (appropriate mounting materials are included in scope of supply). Biohort cannot be held liable for damage caused by inadequately fastened products.

Shed size

External dimension
of foundation in cm
A1177 x 177
A2177 x 217
A3177 x 257
A4177 x 337
A5257 x 177
A6257 x 217
A7257 x 257
A8257 x 337